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A Day in the Life - Chantal

Client Liaison (Cape Town, South Africa)

How long have you been working with the Cape Town Team?

I joined the Cape Town team as Client Liaison in March 2014, after leaving my previous role as a Customer Relations Supervisor for a telecommunications company that has vast franchises.

Describe your typical day

On any given day, before my day starts I compile a list of all my “to do’s” for the day and clients that I need to contact and give feedback on. Mondays for me, generally, determine how the rest of my week pans out. My role is to provide strong customer service to our clients and ensure that they are assisted with any requirements they may have with regards to our software and our Business Partners.

What do you like best about Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)?

Kerridge Commercial Systems has a perspective on having a family view about their staff and always being transparent. I feel appreciative to be part of such an amazing organisation. I am very enthusiastic about the new developments and the future of the company.

What would be useful for new hires to know about KCS?

I feel that it would be imperative to push yourself, always wanting to learn and never being afraid to ask questions. Always trust your ability to succeed and have no limits! Take advantage of opportunities. KCS is always available to guide and help you where you need assistance.


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