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A Day in the Life - Etienne

Finance Consultant (Johannesburg, South Africa)

How long have you worked for Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)?

I have been with Kerridge Commercial Systems for 6 months and it has probably been the best few months of my life, as I have passion now for my work and don’t just live to work. I have finally found a job that I love and a working environment that makes me proud.

Describe your typical day

A typical day involves a small amount of admin as there are many parties involved in the process. I provide feedback to the necessary people to ensure that all processes run smoothly and all is in order. This drives me to perform better at what I do, because I make sure the work I perform is of the utmost quality and that my communication is clearly defined when I send my update reports. Every day presents a unique challenge and an opportunity to learn and grow, not only regarding KCS functions but also as a person. I love data manipulation and puzzles so somehow every day brings a new “game” to play. 40% of the time is fault/error finding, 20% admin, 20% setup, 20% testing and training.

What do you like best about Kerridge Commercial Systems?

Based on my time and the subsequent interactions with my peers, supervisors and colleagues, I have seen a definite trend that promotes growth, learning, assistance, guidance, compassion and friendship which I have never really had before. Somehow the different personalities gel to form a cohesive unit which is able to handle any task put in its way. I feel valued and appreciated and that my efforts and input are genuinely considered. I no longer feel like a cog, but like a mechanism that is useful.

What would be useful for new hires to know about KCS?

Never ever be afraid to ask and always ensure to know the facts – this is imperative both internally as well as when engaging with clients. Escalate and don’t procrastinate! Be a team player because the moment you walk through the door you are considered KCS family.


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