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A Day in the Life - Tebogo

PSG Consultant (Johannesburg, South Africa)

When did you join the team?

My journey began as an intern when I joined the team in 2005. Over the years I have learnt many facets of the business that have helped shaped my career development and growth.

Describe a typical day

There are not many typical days in retail software support due to the diversity of customers and their different requirements. However, most days are spent researching new customers' processes and procedures for successful project implementations, reinstalling branch systems, recovering/fixing corrupted databases and writing new software development specifications for system improvements. The days vary based on the specific requirements for each customer.

What do you like best about Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)?

What I like about Kerridge Commercial Systems are the opportunities for growth it exposes me to. Being part of a multi-national company provides me with a cultural experience that I otherwise would not have in a small company. The diversified services and customer portfolio is the best opportunity for me to improve my customer and personal skills. So, the kicker for me is the environment in which I work, which reflects the demographic profile of our society.

What would be useful for new hires to know about KCS?

One of the things that a new start would need to know is the flexibility of the environment that is fertile for any aspirant employee's ambition. It is a vibrant space that is conducive to new ideas and innovation, this should be a pull factor for anybody who joins KCS.


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