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Timber Merchants

Scalable Timber Merchant Software

Our award winning Timber Software helps businesses meet today’s challenges and is scalable for any growth strategy. A strong product roadmap ensures that our software is in line with the market requirements and supports ‘best practice’ processes for your business in the timber industry.

Our Timber Merchant Software provides you with:

  • Ease of use - Quick and easy order entry, which we know is vital when processing what can be complex timber orders, is at the heart of the system.

  • Traceability - Critical in the timber industry, our timber management software can follow the supply chain from the initial source, through any number of internal or third party processes.

  • Timber Works Orders - You can build timber works orders on the fly, from pre-existing kits or bills of materials, or create configurations for special orders.

  • Purchasing and Imports - Whether you import timber and stock it at the quay for onward transportation to your branches or a mill, or you purchase manufactured product through distribution, we provides comprehensive features to support the procurement cycle.

Enhance your Business Processes

With our timber merchants software you can monitor performance in real time to get the best and the most accurate insights. This can enable you to spend more time reviewing your business requirements and processes, meaning more time to concentrate on how you can improve your business.

Key performance indicators provide an overview of sales, margin data, stock levels and supplier positions, and because information is provided in real time, you can take appropriate actions accordingly.

Provide a Better Service to your Customers

Using comprehensive and modern timber software enables effective inter-branch trading, control and visibility throughout the sales process. It also helps you to improve customer service by providing:

  • Instant access to information, and the ability to track your customers' purchase history

  • Drill down facilities, which provides information about margins, orders, refund/credit information and customer purchase history.

  • Customer information on request to enable your staff to provide better service and fully respond to their needs and requirements.

  • A flexible pricing approach that allows you to alter prices for different product ranges

Learn how our timber management software can help manage your business.

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Bearing Man Group

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