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Leamington Electrical Distributors


Customer: Leamington Electrical Distributors (LED)

What we did: Implemented K8

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K8 enabling growth and development

Opening its doors in September 2014, Leamington Electrical Distributors (LED) launched the business using K8 from day one. Now an established local supplier, serving a growing customer base, K8 has helped LED to become a respected local supplier with a reputation to match. The system has enabled the company to maintain tight control of stock, purchasing and cash flow.

Choosing K8

LED considered it essential to have the right computer system in place - even with low transaction volumes initially. Manual tools, or non-integrated PC –based software, were not the best approach for how a customer-focussed business wanted to get things started.

LED Manager, Jim Knight said: “We looked at a number of systems, but with some previous Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) software experience, we were confident that K8 was the right choice. A system that we could grow into, our K8’s hosted, cloud-based platform meant we could focus on developing the business. We certainly didn’t want to spend time managing our computer system.

Getting started

With no ‘legacy position’ to consider, KCS had something of a ‘blank canvas’ to work with. Setting up the system to suit LED’s fresh new processes and a tailored training programme suitable for a small team were slotted into the company’s opening schedule.

“From first contact, the service from KCS has been attentive and professional. Creating customer, supplier and stock records from our first transactions, processing sales quickly and efficiently have been key component in building the business and service qualities.”

Establishing the business

LED has expanded its customer base significantly since formation, initially the focus was to attract business from local electricians and retail customers, in and around Leamington. “We are now serving larger trade companies further afield; in business sectors that range from distribution warehouses to exhibition companies.

Our supplier base is also much more substantial – we now stock products from many industry leaders.” As with many small companies, space is at a premium for LED, keeping the right breadth and depth of stock is essential. “With K8, we can keep a constant check on our stock levels; the system ordering tools are particularly useful and play a key part in ensuring that customer orders are fulfilled quickly. It’s all about building our reputation.”

Jim also talked about how K8 was used to help prepare the first year’s accounts. “With guidance from the helpdesk, it was straightforward to send the necessary figures to our accountants.”

Moving forward

LED is still a relatively small business and has come to value many of K8’s capabilities; particularly in cash flow management and monitoring profitability. It’s vital that our suppliers are paid on time – without their support our ability to trade would be at risk. It’s easy to compile and print a payment run each month.

"When processing customer orders, K8 will flag up any account that’s close to or exceeding credit terms. All this is extremely helpful in running the business.”

Was K8 the right choice for LED? “Yes absolutely. The system has enabled the business to run smoothly from the outset; K8 is an effective platform to support business development,” said Jim.


  • Fast transaction processing
  • Complementary product sales
  • Gross margin notifications
  • Cloud hosting and support
  • Scalable system to support growth


  • Expanded product range
  • Tight stock control disciplines
  • Efficient purchasing
  • Effective cash flow management
  • Supports quality customer service
  • Smooth year-end processes
  • Ensures a ‘finger kept on the pulse’

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With K8, we can keep a constant check on our stock levels; the system ordering tools are particularly useful and play a key part in ensuring that customer orders are fulfilled quickly.

- Jim Knight, LED Manager



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