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Business Software for IT & Office Suppliers and Resellers

Distribution of IT and Office products is one of the most fiercely competitive areas and the ability to have accurate and timely information is critical to your business success. Our software is designed to help you get closer to your customers, build profits, and manage your margins. From your sales teams, to your back office, it has been developed to improve the day-to-day performance of your team.

Flexible Sales Support Across Multiple-channels

You will have a number of sales channels that need supporting – your direct sales reps, who probably spend most time out of the office and on the road; an internal sales team, perhaps covering both inbound queries and also making numerous outbound calls; a website or portal, for online sales; and possibly a number of  trade or retail outlets. Our software has a fast and effective Sales Order Processing (SOP) module, directly integrated into our own CRM – so all customer details, quotes and previous order history are at your sales people's fingertips. SOP also supports flexible pricing per customer or group of customers, promotions and offers, and additional discounting options, while always giving you accurate margins, ensuring you win the business while maintaining a healthy profit.

eCommerce Integration

Trading online is an integrated part of most IT and Office equipment businesses. You may already trade via EDI, a dedicated eCommerce site and a customer portal. Our software has an extensive Web Services interface to support online trading and this has been proven at very high transaction volumes so you needn’t worry about a poor user experience caused by sluggish systems. If you have yet to venture online, or need to upgrade what you have, we also offer the Web Builder product – an eCommerce and content management system that can power your new website while providing direct integration, providing seamless online trading a simple step away.

Clear Business Visibility

We all understand the advantage of having up-to-the-minute, accurate business data at our fingertips. Our software provides the insights IT and Office Suppliers need with a range of customisable reports designed to help our customer make informed business decisions, fast. Linked with our integrated BI (Business Intelligence) module, with the ability to drill into any detail, from product to customer to sales order, you have complete and clear visibility of your business, day to day and month to month.

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Bearing Man Group

Kerridge Commercial Systems Testimonial Video

Bearing Man Group Video

We talked to Campbell Fuller from Bearing Man Group about the nature of their business and their IT partnership with Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa.

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