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Exchange Data Easily with our EDI software

Transferring data to trading partners has to be an efficient, cost-effective and accurate process. That is why our software has been designed to electronically manage and facilitate the seamless exchange of data, eliminating the need for manual intervention, thus reducing errors and speeding up business processes and improving communication.

Our EDI Solution: Benefits at a Glance

  • Enhance your efficiency and accuracy by keying in just once.

  • Increase the speed of purchasing and sales transactions.

  • Maintain secure, trackable and traceable document records.

  • Support eCommerce through online ordering and invoicing.

  • Automatically update document content from our systems.

  • Facilitates electronic pricing updates.

For more details on how EDI can help your business, contact us today.

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Bearing Man Group

Kerridge Commercial Systems Testimonial Video

Bearing Man Group Video

We talked to Campbell Fuller from Bearing Man Group about the nature of their business and their IT partnership with Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa.

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