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Pet Masters go from strength to strength with the Kerridge CS Retail solution



Pet Masters


Customer: Pet Masters

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Pet Masters implemented the Kerridge CS (KCS) Retail solution in 2013 and have been happy with the system and level of service received ever since!

Pet Masters, the largest pet retailer in Southern Africa, are synonymous with the supply of a variety of top end pet products, expert advice, toys, and livestock. Their head-office with on premise bird park is based in Boksburg. Customers can enjoy a quick bite to eat at their Blue Crane Tea garden while admiring a wide variety of birds.

Pet Masters has two additional stores, one in Alberton and the other in Pretoria, which also offer a great customer experience.

In 2013 Pet Masters began looking for a user-friendly retail system that would offer centralised control from their head-office, allowing them to save costs and aid their buying and replenishment process, as well as reward their customers with a loyalty programme. Functionalities like vouchers and gift cards, as well as accurate reporting, were also deemed important. The system that they had previously been using had become redundant and was not being developed or properly supported any further.

Financial Director, Roelof Coertse, selected the Kerridge CS Retail solution as their system of choice as it is built on a centralised head-office, with a user friendly point of sale interface, built in loyalty and gift card functionality, with suggested re-ordering for accurate replenishment. It gave them all the features a modern-day retailer should benefit from, like remote access as well as integrated EFT.

Gains and benefits

The Kerridge CS Retail solution enabled Pet Masters to:

  • Increase store efficiency, thus improving the customer experience at store level
  • Process and implement promotions and multibuys
  • Improve stock management and replenishment, through consolidated stock reports
  • Improve security on transactions through integrated EFT
  • Capture customer data for the future implementation of the loyalty program
  • Conduct accurate stock takes through the use of hand held scanners

Financial Director, Roelof Coertse said that “KCS catered to our requirements and understood our business well enough to add the value that was needed with their solution. KCS showed flexibility in their approach, the team was professional and delivered a seamless conversion.”

Customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important at Pet Masters and they look forward to implementing KCS’s loyalty functionality later this year. KCS’s product also offers time and attendance as part of its core functionality, which can also be used to authorise overrides and discounts, affording further control over the business, even when staff are not on site.

Pet Masters are, additionally, running with the Payroll & HR software offered by KCS which allows them to process payroll, payslips and reports, as well as SARS reconciliations. They have been able to do away with manual tax reconciliation and have replaced it with automated reconciliation. Through the Payroll solution offered by KCS, Pet Masters have been able to pay the right amount of money to the right people, at the right time.


We are very happy with the choice we made regarding KCS as we now have one supplier with the necessary skills and knowledge for both our retail stores and our payroll and that’s not very common. We look forward to a long-standing relationship far into the future.

- Roelof Coertse, Financial Director, Pet Masters

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