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Carrol Boyes implements the Kerridge CS (KCS) Retail solution



Carrol Boyes Retail (Pty) Ltd


Customer: Carrol Boyes Retail (Pty) Ltd

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Gains and benefits

Carrol Boyes is the founder, creator and CEO of Carrol Boyes Retail (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town. Her high-end deftly crafted and coveted product range of upmarket home and lifestyle products is associated with inimitable and unique design that exudes style and finesse and are available throughout South Africa and in over 30 other countries around the world.

Establishing a strategic partnership with KCS in 2009, Carrol Boyes opted to implement the KCS Retail solution to her existing store base at the time, which comprised of a centralised head-office and 9 stores.

Carrol Boyes commented; “The system we were using at that point was not working for us in spite of promises made by the developers. The KCS Retail solution offered everything that we needed – live movement of data, up to date reporting across all transactions, stock management and control of pricing.”

The Carrol Boyes store base has now grown to an impressive 22 stores. Carrol Boyes added; “The main attraction for us is the flexibility to add stores as our requirements grow. The addition of stores is a seamless process. As per the norm, retail has a continuous turnover of staff which means that we continually need to train new staff. The system is user-friendly, resulting in shorter training time for staff. It allows us to monitor performance of each branch, product line and individual sales people.”

Key Facts

  • Offline trading
  • Multi-branch reporting
  • Stock management
  • Suggested replenishment

The KCS Retail solution is designed to fulfill the requirements of retailers that have multiple stores with varied locations and retail complexities. It supports inventory management for both stores and central warehouses, enabling retailers to easily expand their retail operations.

Carrol Boyes noted; “The most important aspect of any system is the ability to continue trading when connectivity is lost. The off-line capability of the KCS Retail solution allows us to be confident that no data will be lost while connectivity is down. As soon as connectivity is restored, all transactions are filtered and available at head office”

Carrol Boyes concluded; “Implementing the KCS Retail solution has resulted in us having daily live data at our fingertips which in this day and age is vital in our decision making as trends and designs continue to change”.


With its user-friendly point of sale interface, we were able to implement the KCS Retail solution into all stores allowing for seamless in-store processes, with accurate live reporting back to head-office.

- Carrol Boyes

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