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Allmakes 4x4

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Allmakes 4x4


Customer: Allmakes 4x4

What we did: Implemented K8

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Allmakes 4x4 is a leading international trade supplier of Land Rover parts and accessories. Supplying independent specialists for over 30 years, the company can stock every Land Rover part and also offers their exclusive range of ‘Terrafirma’ accessories. Allmakes 4x4 has contracts to supply the British armed forces and agreements with government organisations and NGO’s worldwide. Since implementing K8, the system has helped to streamline business processes and create a more efficient working environment.

Time for Change

Until 2006 Allmakes were using a custom designed system, originally developed in the early 1980’s. Over the years it had been modified and expanded to meet their developing business requirements. However, as Terry Chipperfield explained, “the system just didn’t cope well with many of the things which you’d expect in a 21st century environment. There was no capability for e-business, nor the opportunity for a trade portal. It all worked on the assumption that you had plenty of time between receiving orders and shipping them. Some of the routines on the order processing side were very slow.”

Terry continued, “Also, we were finding it increasingly difficult to get the system supported. We spent time with a Birmingham based software house, to try to bring it up to date, but this proved too difficult. We specified all sorts of aspects that we wanted to see, from improved order processing through to more sophisticated stock control; we spent a lot of time on stock control. Ultimately we decided that we had to change.”

Terry added: “A significant gap in the system’s functionality, for us, was the ability to handle, pack and ship export consignments efficiently. Well over half our business is export. So we sat down with Kerridge CS and developed a suite of programmes to meet this requirement. Nine months after seeing the system for the first time, we went live with K8 on 1st October 2006.”

Trading Systems Review

Allmakes carried out a systems review in 2006. Terry explained: “We looked at a number of alternatives, but one of our major UK based customers in Devon had recently launched K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems (Kerridge CS.) They were very enthusiastic about the software. I spent a day with them, going through the main features. I was impressed with the speed and simplicity of the order processing, and the opportunities that K8 would give us to develop our business. So we started talking to Kerridge CS.”

Online Trading

The Allmakes K8 Web Portal gives their global customer base the ability to access the K8 system in real time. The portal was developed using the standard API’s (Application Programming Interface) supplied by Kerridge CS. The innovative design of the Allmakes K8 Web Portal was developed with their customers’ specific needs in mind; reflecting the particular demands of the industry. Customers from around the world get secure, real time information on pricing, stock availability, order progress, account details and statements. Most importantly they have the ability to get full product details, including supercessions, and armed with this information, they can place orders directly into the Allmakes K8 system.

Allmakes report a significant increase in sales following the launch of their web portal. The largest order handled through the portal had 980 individual lines processed straight into the system without any manual intervention. For Allmakes, it isn’t just sales, it’s also enquiries which are handled over the internet, so the phones are quieter. Staff have more time to give to proactive selling. Internet trading developed with KerridgeCS has given Allmakes a real competitive advantage.

The Business Benefits

Since implementing K8 at Allmakes, it has helped to streamline business processes and create a more efficient working environment. Terry explains “We particularly like K8’s ability to switch from one process to another very quickly, and the fact that we can access all sorts of information and history, concurrently. We were particularly anxious to start trading over the internet. The tools to do this are provided as standard within K8.” Terry continues: “We also like the comfort that we feel, being with a major provider, who will continue to invest in the development of the product and its support.”

Gains and benefits

  • Streamlined processes
  • More efficient working
  • More proactive selling
  • Fast access to information
  • Better customer service
  • Internet trading capability
  • Significant increase in sales
  • Secure supplier partnership
  • A system for their future

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K8 has provided the means to bring our business forward into the second decade of the 21st century and beyond.

- Terry Chipperfield, Director



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