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A Day in the Life - Ewan

Internal Sales (Cape Town, South Africa)

How long have you worked for Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)?

Six years.

Please describe your typical day

There's never a dull moment in sales, so my typical days are quite busy between liaising with business partners and handling incoming inquiries.

What do you like best about KCS?

I really enjoy the town hall sessions, where our leadership team typically discuss the company plans and progress in growth. Additionally, we also have live Q&As where employees can submit their questions and get direct feedback.

What would be useful for new hires to know about KCS?

KCS offers a lot of job security, and I also think a big value add is the benefits we as employees enjoy. These include medical aid, and a pension fund, to name but a few. Plus, what is better than the great views in Cape Town?


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