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A Day in the Life - Thandokuhle

Support Analyst (Johannesburg, South Africa)

How long have you worked for Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)?

Three months.

Please describe your typical day

My typical day is normally quite busy, but I enjoy the fast pace. My main tasks include engaging with inspHire customers and serving as the main point of contact for all their support needs.

Mainly, I would say the schedule depends on the type of support enquiries that come in.

What do you like best about KCS?

There is a definite sense of community. Also, there are many departments and job functions, so you have a very wide range of career opportunities to choose from.

What would be useful for new hires to know about KCS?

There are many different departments in the company, each covering a wide range of functions. As a new joiner, it was interesting for me to discover at my own pace. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet many new people along the way.

There is also a big sense of comradery in our team, especially to ensure that new starters settle in well and grow.


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