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Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), the global provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business management software provider for distribution, servicing and rental businesses has completed the acquisition of Rain Data. This acquisition marks a significant step forward in KCS’s commitment to delivering enhanced product information and data solutions.

Rain Data provides innovative product information management (PIM) and data solutions to automotive aftermarket companies of all sizes, from independent garages, globally recognised OEM to leading aftermarket brands. The solutions enable businesses across the automotive supply chain to achieve greater operational efficiency through efficient sourcing of the right components significantly enhancing the client experience.

The acquisition of Rain Data further complements KCS’ comprehensive set of cloud based solutions for the auto parts, auto servicing, tire and vertical distribution sectors globally which include parts catalogues, point of sale, payments, bookings, inventory management, purchasing, reporting, data and ecommerce.

Syd Coxon, Managing Director and Founder of Rain Data said, “Since our founding, we have had one clear vision: to bring world-class data solutions to replacement parts suppliers of all sizes. Today, we are excited to be joining our long-time partner, KCS, to bring our capabilities to a wider global audience.”

Ian Bendelow, CEO of KCS said, “We are excited to welcome Rain Data to KCS. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in our journey to empower businesses to achieve significant improvements with enhanced product information and data solutions. This acquisition underlines KCS’ commitment to innovation, best in class industry specific functionality and providing market leading solutions for the automotive aftermarket globally.”

About Rain Data

Rain Data is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to leverage data for competitive advantage. Rain Data products include a world leading product information management (PIM) solution for spare and accessory automotive parts as well as generalised product catalogue data extract, transform and load capabilities.

About KCS

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is a market-leading vertically focused cloud ERP and business management software provider with over 34,000 customers worldwide. KCS’s industry specific cloud software suites support complex, vertical specific workflows, and provide mission critical solutions that enable its clients to source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably and service competitively. KCS has offices in the UK, Europe, USA, across Africa, the Nordic countries and Australia.

KCS serves customers in 76 countries and has 1,300 staff worldwide.

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dean Petrone as its new Chief Executive Officer for North America. With over 30 years of experience within the software industry, Dean will take full responsibility for operations in the United States and Canada and will lead the business as it continues to grow and strengthen its presence in this key market.

Dean's leadership qualities are clearly evident in his long track record of success, from his years of hands-on floor manufacturing experience to his development of leading ERP solutions and services. Reporting to Ian Bendelow, the KCS Group's Global CEO, Dean aims to use his knowledge and experience in manufacturing software to help KCS achieve its ambitions on the continent.

'I am deeply honoured to join KCS and direct the company's growth strategies and acquisition plans in North America,' Dean says as he outlines his new role. 'It's a position that excites me greatly, and I'm eager to collaborate with the team, leveraging my strategic insights and unwavering commitment to deliver excellence across our North American operation.'

After studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, Dean initially explored chip design before specialising in Advanced Gauging and Process Control in his first engineering role. Dean then demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen by spearheading the development and growth of two thriving boutique service organisations. Both enterprises culminated in successful outcomes before Dean transitioned into pivotal leadership roles at GE, EY, and Infor, where he's since developed a deep understanding of organisational dynamics.

'Reflecting on my career as a whole,' Dean adds, 'I take great pride in mentoring numerous professionals and fostering relationships that continue to thrive. Outside of work, I'm passionate about skiing, golf, diving, and fishing, and I embody a philosophy that fun and professionalism are not mutually exclusive but are complementary in driving success.'

'North America is one of the pivotal markets for KCS as our company looks to grow,' says Ian Bendelow, KCS Group CEO, explaining his vision behind the appointment. 'Dean has demonstrated remarkable expertise and leadership throughout his career, and I'm sure his commitment to excellence will propel KCS to even greater success in North America. Moreover, his influential leadership will be pivotal in shaping KCS's trajectory for organic growth and future acquisitions in the region, further solidifying the company's position as the leading solutions provider in our marketplace.'

KCS to acquire Omni Accounts Software

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), the global provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business management software for distribution, servicing and rental businesses, has reached an agreement to acquire Omni Accounts Software.

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KCS announces a new partnership with CapVest

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is pleased to announce that we have now partnered with CapVest, a leading private equity investor. This new partnership enables us to further expand our portfolio of exciting and innovative ERP and business management software solutions that enable our customers to take advantage of the rapid technological advances, and to meet the business challenges of the new digital era.

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JME, the market leader in manufacturing and supplying precision X-ray inspection systems for the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry, recently upgraded to the latest version of K8LV from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS). K8LV is an ERP system that offers a comprehensive range of modules to help manufacturing businesses track and trace their stock and communicate across all parts of their operation in real time. Implemented in 2020, JME opted to upgrade K8LV to drive efficiencies and help provide better customer service.

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KCS acquires Nordic-based company

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a global ERP and business management software provider for the Distributive Trades, has reached an agreement to acquire Compilator (Sweden, Finland and UK). The acquisition of Compilator is a strategic investment for KCS, supporting its strategy of growth into new regions and further expanding its offering to the automotive industry.

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KCS acquire Palladium Business Solutions

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a global ERP and business management software provider for distributors, wholesalers, retailers and the equipment hire industry, has acquired Palladium Business Solutions, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, along with its successful suite of products. Palladium Business Solutions is a long-established software provider servicing the distribution, manufacturing and accounting sectors throughout South Africa. The new combined business now has Approx. 13,500 customers and 75,000 users, a combined channel of 370 business partners distributing Palladium Business Solutions and KCS products throughout Southern Africa.

This acquisition is a further strategic investment for KCS as they look to grow and provide further expertise and business management solutions for the distribution industry worldwide. In addition, the acquisition heralds a positive new chapter for Palladium Business Solutions as the company looks to build upon its existing success.

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Toy Kingdom

In 1988, Toy Kingdom opened their first store in Sea Point, Cape Town. Then known as Peggity’s Toy Store, they have moved to the V&A Waterfront in 1996, where they’ve since become an institution for locals and tourists.

In 2006, an opportunity came about to open an emporium store in the V&A Waterfront, and a year later, the first Toy Kingdom store came to life. Currently, they have 24 stores across Gauteng, Durban, and Cape Town and they stock a wide range of products, which includes: action figures, dolls, arts and crafts, kids’ electronics, educational games, and more.

To find out more, read the full case study.

Kempston Group

Established in 1973, the Kempston Group offers a broad spectrum of specialised services. Over the years, they have grown from a basic operation in East London, to having branches country-wide, that employ over 4 000 staff members.

Previously, Kempston had an in-house system that was designed for their Truck Hire division. The system had no direct features or benefits relative to their Material Handling division. They were looking for a simple, easy-to-use software solution to streamline the processes of their forklift fleet operations.

To find out more, read the full case study.

Fine Fragrance

In 2014 two friends, Simon and Grant, decided to launch a website to wholesale and retail generic designer perfume. By challenging convention and not following perfume pricing monopolies, they established a price point suited to their market, and the business gradually started to grow. Over the years they expanded into retail stores, kiosks, and eventually a shared warehouse.

In previous years, Fine Fragrance didn’t have an ERP solution in place, and they were introduced to the KCS team through an acquaintance. They required a functional solution that could support a wide area network of stores, matched their budget, has a POS functionality, and Head Office module. Because of the extensive network they manage, keeping record of all business activities is also crucial.

To find out more, read the full case study.

Kerridge Commercial Systems boosts its investment in South Africa

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), industry-leading ERP, Retail and business management software provider for Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and the Plant, Tool and Equipment Hire industry, increased its investment in various regions across the globe since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  South Africa – one of the global economies with the biggest need for job creation and skills development – has been a key focus region. 

Since the start of the pandemic, KCS has realised the big shift in the way people are working: new technology has come into play and the company wants to stay true to its approach as a truly global organisation.  

KCS has had a global footprint for many years, and all our regional offices and staff have always worked well together. However, the company has grown significantly in recent years, and as with most businesses, it has had to adapt to new ways of working during COVID-19.  

 One of KCS’s main objectives is to provide customers with industry-leading technology and business management solutions that will enable their businesses to grow and manage demand in a very competitive trade environment. With that in mind, the company ensured a significant increase in its staff compliment which also meant a big drive for R&D.  

Now that COVID restrictions have eased and business can reflect back on the last two years, the software group’s investment into a bigger team is evident. 

“We’ve always provided best-in-class ERP, Retail and Business Management software solutions for Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and the Plant, Tool and Equipment Hire industry. Digital transformation has however required a much quicker turnaround and our customers need cutting-edge technology to run smooth and efficient operations in a modern world.” said Des Nangle, President of Global Business Development.  

 “As a business, KCS has always invested heavily in R&D but since the pandemic, we have focused more development effort in our products and our people to provide customers with the right solutions, and help them to adapt, digitise, and streamline processes as we move forward”, Nangle added.  

The company has ensured that our different business units work together more closely across different regions, providing customers with access to the best people, products, and solutions wherever they are. KCS employs talented staff all over the world. We have discovered exceptional talent and created over 188 additional jobs over the last two years, in South Africa alone.  

This investment is not only a benefit for our customers – who have access to skillsets across different departments like R&D, Support, and IT - but it also ensures job creation and skills development in South Africa, which is a huge positive for the economy.  

As part of our commitment to job creation and skills development, KCS has also started an intern programme in South Africa. To date, the programme has proven to be very successful. The company has offered permanent employment to 9 interns, who have successfully completed their internship after the first year. We are also happy to announce that the second round of the internship programme is currently underway.  

Giuseppe Martini, Managing Director of KCS in South Africa, added that: “We are proud and excited to continue on this journey and to serve our customers to the best of our ability. We want to ensure that we keep developing solutions that will make a difference. It’s an exciting time for the company - especially as we celebrate our 40th anniversary in Africa, and reflect on the growth and expansion of the South Africa team.”  

We look forward to the next 40 years of growth and investment in South Africa, and in our customers. 

Kwick Access Rentals

Kwick Access Rentals provide contractors working at height all the relevant assets they need. The business has an ambitious team and aims to be the largest female-owned and operated rental company in Africa. Such clear vision and commitment to quality, prompted them to sign with inspHire in November 2021.

Since then, they’ve used the award-winning plant, tool and equipment hire software to fully digitise their fleet and further enhance their service.

To find out more, read the full case study.

Des Nangle and Chloe Nangle participating in The Cape Epic

At Kerridge Commercial Systems we love celebrating our people, both in a professional as well as in a personal capacity.

Over the last week Des Nangle, Global President of Business Development for Kerridge Commercial Systems, and his daughter, Chloe Nangle, formed a team called Paddy and The Princess. The duo braved one of the toughest mountain biking races in the world, aka The Cape Epic, and are proud to have crossed the finish line on 27 March 2022.

The Cape Epic runs over the course of 8 days and spans 700km's and 17,000m of vertical ascent. The terrain is brutal but their surroundings beautiful. It is however not for the faint hearted; the climb is intense, temperatures rise in to the early forty degrees Celsius and some days you might not feel a breeze and on other days you might feel too much of a breeze.

Des and Chloe tackled this tough adventure, representing Kerridge Commercial Systems and they most certainly held our name high.

They had a massive support group who cheered them on all the way and what an adventure it was to follow their progress.

Des commented “It was an amazing experience to do this with my daughter, something I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Chloe added “It was truly one of the most fun and challenging experiences of my life. Having the opportunity to do it with my father is something I’ll cherish forever.”

Congratulations to an amazing personal achievement.

Kerridge Commercial Systems celebrates 40 years of innovation in Africa

Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa (KCS SA), industry leading ERP, Retail and Business Management software provider for Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and the Plant, Tool and Equipment Hire industry, is excited to celebrate their 40 year anniversary in Africa this year.

The company, which is headquartered in the UK and with offices around the globe, was established in 1976. They expanded on their footprint and opened an office in South Africa in 1982. ‘We can honestly say we have grown from strength to strength over the last 40 years. In that time, we have expanded our offering, grown our team, added more offices in Africa (which means we now have offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Kenya), and we have most certainly grown our customer base and have some exceptional businesses across Africa on our books. I am really proud of what we have achieved, of how we have grown and of what we are able to offer local businesses,’ commented Giuseppe Martini, Managing Director for Kerridge Commercial Systems Africa.

1982 was an interesting year for technology and was also the year after which Time magazine veered from their tradition of choosing a person of the year, for their ‘man of the year’ cover. Time magazine selected the ‘personal computer’ as its focus and named it ‘machine of the year’. This issue was published in January 1983 and offers an idea of where technology was at during that time.

So much has changed over the last 40 years and it’s no different for Kerridge Commercial Systems. The software group’s ERP systems have been modernised over the years enabling their customers to source, stock, service and sell competitively, ensuring they keep up with the changing times. Today they offer comprehensive solution based business management systems, with a range of supporting and managed services.

The company have announced many improvements and new solutions over the years. Some of which now includes cloud based solutions, eCommerce platforms, mobile Apps, a retail, accounting and franchise solution for small to medium sized businesses, a plant, tool and equipment hire solution, a BI partnership and much more, in addition to their industry leading flagship ERP system for medium to enterprise sized Distributors and Wholesalers.

“It has most certainly gone both ways where our local customers have been able to leverage off our global solutions and expertise, as the rest of our regions across the globe are also now able to leverage off our African solutions and expertise.

We have built a hub of excellence here in Africa with an exceptional team and have grown our offering to such an extent that our customers in other regions are now able to leverage off our South African born solutions too. We recently launched IQ Retail, our South African developed accounting, retail and business management solution for small to medium sized business and franchises, into the UK and Canada and it’s been extremely successful.

We are proud of what we have built and of what we are able to give back to our local community in terms of job creation, training and employing interns, and much more.’ Said Martini.

The company is excited to celebrate its 40th anniversary in Africa this year and they look forward to offering many more innovative solutions to their African customer base.

Kerridge Commercial Systems Ltd acquire RNH Solutions

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a global distributor of business solutions for the distributive trades, is pleased to announce the acquisition of RNH Solutions.

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Kerridge Commercial Systems and EasyAp join forces to digitise accounts payable

November 2021

Industry leading ERP, Retail and Business Management software provider, Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), and leading accounts payable and invoicing software solutions provider, EasyAp, today announced a global partnership that will enable KCS’ customers who are on the latest version of the company’s ERP system, to streamline their accounts payable processes.

EasyAp integrates with Kerridge Commercial Systems’ latest version of its flagship ERP system, K8, making it easier for their wholesale, distribution, merchant and retail customers to process supplier invoices. This will be of enormous value to KCS’ customers as they will be able to process invoices electronically which brings about many benefits. 

The growing market demand for digital transformation confirmed the decision of this powerful union. The combination of KCS’ ERP system, together with EasyAp, makes for a powerful joint solution, improving on accuracies, reducing operating costs, saving time, eliminating manual tasks, reducing errors, reducing paper trails and digitising accounts payable processes. These value ads helped seal the deal. 

This partnership will build on a track record of high customer satisfaction, bringing together the KCS and EasyAp teams to deliver an advanced electronic accounts payable solution that integrates with KCS’ industry leading ERP and Business Management Systems. 

EasyAp will enable users to acquire invoices electronically from an outlook folder or by scanning paper copies. It utilises optical character recognition technology and eliminates manual data entry by electronically transforming invoices and raising the documents in the accounts payable module. Users can easily see all supplier invoices acquired by EasyAp, with full visibility of all invoice details. 

Once invoices are processed, it follows matching rules created in K8. Once the invoices are processed and matched, users will have visibility of all invoices that have been cleared for payment. K8 will store an image of each supplier invoice online which can quickly and easily be retrieved for viewing. 

”We are excited about our new module, called EasyAp. The simple integration with the latest version of our K8 solution, provides an effective means of reducing Accounts Payable errors, simplifying processing and increasing productivity. As more and more businesses digitally transform, this kind of solution streamlines and digitizes processes, saving time and money, and eliminates manual tasks and paperwork,” said Giuseppe Martini, Managing Director for Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa. 

One year milestone of intern program at KCS

Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa (KCS SA), industry leading ERP, Retail and Business Management software provider for Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and the Plant, Tool and Equipment Hire industry, is excited to celebrate a successful first year of its intern program.

The program started in October 2020 and was the first pilot of its kind for KCS SA. The company took on a group of interns which is an important contribution to the industry, in terms of skills development, it supports woman in leadership in South Africa as the majority of the interns have been integrated into Kerridge Commercial Systems Global Support department, headed up by Jolene Cusens, in addition to growing our cloud team with two interns as this is an important solution for our customers.

The intern program in South Africa, supports KCS’ drive towards creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for people from all backgrounds. We are guided by our MICT SETA and MENTORSHIP has been key to the success of our Internship Program. Each intern was allocated a certified and dedicated mentor, to assist with growth and learning opportunities which has proven to be extremely successful.

The industry leading software provider is excited to announce that nine interns have passed their internship and will join the business on a permanent basis.

“We are so excited to welcome our interns as permanent members of the Global Support and Cloud team. It’s been such a great year of growth and continuous learning and they really have proven themselves as valuable team members so we look forward to having them on board as they start their permanent journey with us.” Said Jolene Cusens, Service Delivery Director at Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa.

The program has proven to be a leading initiative for the company to such an extent that we have taken on another group of interns, which started in early October 2021.

Giuseppe Martini, MD for Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa commented, “We are very pleased that our first intern program has been so successful! Our first intern team surpassed our expectations so much so that they will be joining the KCS group on a full time basis and will be handing the baton over to a new group of interns.”

Abhani Commercial Limited

“IQ Retail is a secure and robust system, that’s flexible and can tailor to all of my needs. With IQ POS, our available stock information and accuracies have tremendously improved.”

Anand Thaker, Owner at Abhani Commercial Ltd

Abhani Commercial Ltd, a second-generation family-owned business, offer general hardware-type products with a specialist focus on plumbing solutions. The industry-leading hardware business run a central operation, with a large warehouse and trading branch in Mombasa, Kenya, supplying products throughout the country and have been doing so for over 35 years.

Traditionally Abhani relied on manual processes to manage their operations. Given the way the world is going, Abhani realised a need to move over to a more digital way of running their business.

Additionally, as they grew, they required instant access to real-time stock levels. IQ Retail seemed to tick all the boxes and offered all the features that Abhani was looking for, in addition to having a good reputation and offering a cost-effective solution.

Since they moved over to IQ Retail, they had instant access to relevant sales data and stock levels, without having to physically be on the premises and without human resource.

Abhani wanted a system that was easy to use and that catered to their entire workflow, so it had to include all of their operational processes. The business serves both retail and wholesale types of customers so they required a system that could support these specific business needs.

One such example is that Abhani’s wholesale customers have individual pricing agreements in place and IQ was able to cater to those requirements. A pricing matrix is maintained so each customer is provided with a consistent price per product which differed from customer to customer. That also meant Abhani was able to empower their staff to offer customer-specific discounts or prices, eliminating the need for supervisors to override certain discounts on a sale-to-sale or customer-to-customer basis.

With Abhani’s progressive vision to grow along with their aim to move to a more digital way of running their business, they were excited to have found a software provider that continuously invests in the technology and in its people. Working with a local organisation that has global backing has many benefits, including a continuous investment in product improvement.

Many businesses, who make use of global service providers, often need to deal with global offices instead of working with local representatives. This often leads to a disconnect. One of the big benefits of IQ Retail is that they are part of a global organisation but have an office in Kenya with their divisional head office in Cape Town. This ensures that customers have access to in-person support and local consultants.

Abhani Owner, Anand Thaker, was looking for a couple of key features in a new ERP system. It had to include the following:

  • The system had to be fully integrated
  • It had to be user-friendly
  • They wanted access from anywhere at any time
  • They wanted to segregate responsibilities and provide user-specific access, empowering people within their specific roles
  • They required a system where they could delegate responsibilities, but retain visibility of all activities

Anand said, ‘We were looking for a digital Point of Sale system that would be good enough and that would be able to do the job properly. We came across IQ Retail and their POS system had everything we were looking for and more.’

Anand further explained, ‘We were running on a manual system for our sales. It was quite tedious to calculate prices and so forth. Having computerised our system with IQ POS, it reduced a lot of manual work. Sending quotes is now much easier with the ability to use WhatsApp, as well as converting quotes and sales orders into final invoices. Looking for old invoices is also much easier compared to a manual system. When customers want a copy of their invoice, it is easy to send via email or WhatsApp.’

IQ POS is a user-friendly Point of Sale system with the option of fully integrating with IQ Business and IQ Enterprise. It also offers additional powerful functionality, such as including airtime, account, or suspended sales and shifts and cash-up reporting to mention a few.

Anand commented, ‘IQ Retail is a secure and robust system, that’s flexible and can tailor to all of my needs.  With IQ POS, our available stock information and accuracies have tremendously improved. The system enables us to identify fast moving stock, we can easily check our sales as well as viewing the profitability to date.’

Anand added, ‘If I can offer some advice to any family-owned businesses, I would definitely suggest going digital. It makes running your business so much easier and it will streamline processes, which can assist with some of the tedious day to day tasks, freeing up time to focus on other areas of the business.’

IQ POS’s bespoke functionality has provided Abhani Commercial Ltd with:

  • Reconciliation of stock quantity movement
  • Email statements and invoices to customers
  • Customised reports and advanced filtering engine

"It is gratifying to recognise how businesses are benefitting from our digital solutions and professional consulting. We aspire to provide value to our clients." - Trevor Dorasamy, General Manager at Kerridge Commercial Systems, Kenya.

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Actsys, one of the first business in the world, and the very first business in South Africa, to adopt Kerridge Commercial Systems’ latest and most up to date flagship ERP System, K8 Babbage.

Actsys was established 28 years ago and offers leading edge products & technology that enables modern day connectivity in various sectors. Some of Actsys’ products include cable and wireless solutions such as Commscope, as they are a distributor for Netconnect (krone), as well as various data solutions, fibre solutions, security solutions, backup power, solar, instrumentation & control, and a variety of other solutions for telephone, network cabinets, active equipment, test equipment, labelling, fire, health & safety, audio & visual,hardware, tools and routing requirements.

To find out more, read the full case study.

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is extending its K8 business management software offering with the launch of ePick, a mobile application that ensures the accurate and efficient picking of stock in branch. By automating the picking process, the app gives users the necessary tools for users to deliver the right products to customers, every time.

The app is compatible with KCS' popular K8 business management software and is available on both Android and iOS devices. K8 ePick is capable of processing pick tasks created within the K8 system, replacing the hand-written validation of printed pick notes and subsequent confirmation within K8.

Once the pick has been selected, the app will work in offline mode, allowing users to move freely across different locations throughout the yard. K8 ePick provides complete visibility over all the products and quantities that need to be picked and guides users to each bin location. They can use the app to validate the quantity they have picked by confirming the full quantity, scanning the product barcode or keying it in.

Through the app, it is possible to perform a visual check of the picked items by accessing the product images stored on K8. In the event of any picks being short, other problems arising, management will be notified electronically.

Once the task has been completed, the order will be confirmed and details automatically uploaded to K8 in preparation for being invoiced.

"Efficiency and accuracy are the core components of any stock pick; not only does this help to automate the picking process and to keep costs down, it also ultimately means that customers receive the items they've ordered. K8 ePick is an invaluable tool for any branch user," said James Mitchell, KCS Managing Director in the UK and Ireland.

å"We expect demand for K8 ePick to be high as customers look for further ways to enhance their use of K8 and deliver further cost and efficiency savings across their businesses in these challenging times."

K8 ePick is now available to our customers now, we are excited at the opportunities that this will offer them to enhance that excellent customer service that really differentiates them from their competitors. Users who are interested in learning more about this app are advised to contact their account manager, or call  01488 662000 for more information. 

Ecommerce Division

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) has today announced the formation of a new strategic Ecommerce Division within the group. The company, with operations across the globe, has recently seen a significant focus on ecommerce and digital technologies.

Announcing this key strategic investment, Tom Jackson, Director of Product Management at KCS, commented: "Our customers have looked to us to provide solutions that can help them meet the challenges posed by the recent pandemic, including changes to their business models.

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Kerridge CS and Phocas Software join forces

Industry leading ERP, Retail and Business Management software provider, Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), and leading analytics software provider, Phocas Software, today signed a global partnership that will enable KCS’ customers to elevate data held in their KCS systems

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Internships to start in October 2020

Kerridge Commercial Systems, a leading ERP, Retail and Business Management software provider for Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and the Hiring industry, have launched their first intern program in South Africa.

The Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa internships started in October 2020 and was the company’s first pilot for intern programs. The company took on ten (10) new interns which is an important contribution to the software industry. More and more skilled resources are needed due to the growing demands of businesses, especially as they continue to digitally transform.

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July 2020 - Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a leading provider of ERP software, services and support solutions for wholesale, distribution, rental and installation customers worldwide, announced today it has acquired Unit4 Wholesale in the Netherlands.

This acquisition is an important strategic acquisition for KCS in the Benelux and a positive development for Unit4 Wholesale. Unit4 Wholesale will continue to maintain and support existing software solutions and introduce the benefits from the KCS portfolio to its customers to support customers even better

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April 2020 - Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a leading provider of ERP software, services and support solutions for wholesale, distribution, rental and installation customers worldwide, has today announced its acquisition of Infomat.

This is an important strategic acquisition for KCS in Benelux and a positive development for Infomat. The company will continue to maintain and support its existing software solutions and introduce the benefits of the KCS portfolio to better support its customer base.

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Heather Preu has joined Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) as Chief Executive Officer – North America. With a strong background in executive leadership, Heather’s recent roles include senior management positions within Infor and IBM, both global suppliers of software solutions.

Heather will take full responsibility for all KCS operations in the USA and Canada, including MAM and KCS (previously known as Dancik and Mincron).

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Dear Customer,

As the effects of Coronavirus deepen across our world I wanted to update you on the work we are doing to support our customers around the world.

All our offices are in home working mode. Our Business Continuity plans have been instigated and all services continue to function with remote working. You should see no degradation of service on our support hot lines, including our 24x7 support service. Our R&D teams continue to develop and innovate and our consultants and training department are continuing to successfully help customers with new implementations, system management and upgrades by way of video conferencing tools.

Over the last 2 weeks we have implemented hundreds of VPN solutions to help many customers work from home. We have provided hundreds of hardware devices to help customers work in a mobile way and we have helped many of our customers move to Cloud Solutions for their business critical systems to ensure business continuity. This week we are launching new web-trading software to help customers rapidly implement internet trading solutions and keep trading electronically.

We are determined to be there and help you innovate, automate and evolve to meet the new trading challenges.

If we can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact your personal Account Manager or the support desk.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Bendelow
Kerridge CS Group CEO

Kerridge Commercial Systems

Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa appoints new Managing Director.

Kerridge Commercial Systems, a leading supplier of ERP and business management software solutions, specifically designed for wholesalers, retailers, distributors and the hiring industry, have taken the next steps in order to manage and sustain a phenomenal amount of growth.

Kerridge Commercial Systems have acquired several businesses across the globe, expanding their product offering, and will continue to do so. This growth has however made the business’ leadership team reconsider their current bandwidth as well as assess their succession plans. With that in mind, the current Managing Director for South Africa, Des Nangle, will be moving into a global role. This role will be as President of Business Development for the Group.

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IQ Retail voted DIY Service Supplier of the year.

IQ Retail, a leading accounting and retail management software provider for small to medium sized businesses, was voted Service Supplier of the Year at the annual DIY & Industrial Trade News Industry Awards ceremony.

This prestigious awards ceremony, sponsored by AfriBuild, aims to award businesses within the DIY and Industrial industry who stand out or have made a difference in the last year. An awards nomination process takes place prior to the ceremony whereby other businesses, suppliers, customers or hardware and build retailers are able to vote for their preferred suppliers within the different categories in the industry.

Once all the nominations have been submitted, finalists are selected and judged by the DIY & Industrial Trade News team which makes up a percentage of the final vote and the other part of the selection process is based on the industry’s nominations.

The categories for the awards nominations include:

  • Supplier of the Year
  • Service Supplier of the Year
  • Retail Group of the Year
  • Paint Company of the Year
  • Power Tool Company of the Year
  • Hand Tool Company of the Year
  • Building Materials Company of the Year
  • Outdoor Company of the Year
  • Hardware Company of the Year
  • Industrial Company of the Year

“We are honoured to have been voted as the Service Supplier of the year. This emphasizes what we strive to do better every day; to offer an exceptional service and product offering to our customers and to help our customers run their businesses better! So thank you to all who have recognised us for exactly that”, commented Michael Reyneke, Director, IQ Retail.

Kerridge Commercial Systems, a leading supplier of software specifically designed for wholesalers, retailers and distributors, acquired a hiring software company in 2019. inspHire offers premium software solutions to companies that rent out heavy plant and construction vehicles as well as other machinery and equipment.

As Kerridge Commercial Systems, continues to grow and increase their product offering, they now have a hiring software solution added to their product suite. Due to the demand for such a solution in South Africa, they have officially put an inspHire team in place in South Africa. The team has been up and running for several months already but is noteworthy due to the exceptional interest and uptake of the solution.

“It is clear that there is a great need for a hiring software solution in the South African market that integrates all the various requirements of businesses in this industry. More and more businesses use the hiring route instead of purchasing new equipment as that eliminates costs, maintenance and much more. We are excited to be able to offer such an exceptional solution to hiring companies in South Africa as it fills a big gap” commented Des Nangle, Managing Director of Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa.

To learn more about inspHire visit or alternatively contact Rynhardt Munnik on +27 11 707 3333.

MAM Software Group, Inc.

Hungerford, UK, October 21, 2019 – Kerridge Commercial Systems (“KCS”), a market leader in software, services and support solutions for trade, wholesale, manufacturing and distribution customers worldwide, today announced it has completed its acquisition of MAM Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ Capital Market: MAMS) (“MAM Software” or “MAM”), a leading global provider of on-premise and cloud-based business management solutions for the automotive parts, tire and vertical distribution industries, having satisfied all requirements.

Ian Bendelow, CEO of Kerridge Commercial Systems, said, “KCS offers end-to-end ERP solutions including Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, CRM, Warehouse Management, Plant and Hire Management, Transport Management, Business Intelligence, ePOS and more, specifically for the distribution and manufacturing markets. Bringing MAM into the KCS group will strengthen our presence in the automotive aftermarket sector. We believe our broadened set of complementary solutions will allow us to better serve existing customers of both KCS and MAM over the long-term while also providing a very compelling alternative for new customers.”

Mike Jamieson, CEO of MAM Software, said, “The completion of this combination marks a significant milestone for both MAM Software and KCS. Working in partnership with KCS, will provide MAM with opportunities to more effectively serve its customer base through the deep and broad resources of KCS, which has a strong base of more than 15,000 customers globally. We are confident KCS will be able to enhance MAM’s leadership position in the automotive aftermarket space by leveraging the domain expertise of the KCS organization. We look forward to an exciting new chapter together as part of the KCS group.”

About MAM Software Group, Inc.

MAM Software is a leading global provider of cloud-based business and on-premise management solutions for the auto parts, tire and vertical distribution industries. The company provides a portfolio of innovative software (SaaS and packaged), data (DaaS), and integration (iPaaS) services that enable businesses to intelligently manage core business processes, control costs and generate new profit opportunities. MAM’s integrated platforms provide a wealth of rich functionality including: point-of-sale, inventory, purchasing, reporting, data and e-commerce. Wholesale, retail and installer business across North America, the U.K. and Ireland rely on MAM solutions, backed by dedicated teams of experienced service and support professionals. For further information, please visit

About Kerridge Commercial Systems

Kerridge Commercial Systems provides specialist software, services and support to deliver fully integrated trading and business management solutions to distributive trades customers, large and small – wherever they are in the world. With our heritage in distributive trades, our technical experts are thought leaders in trading and management technology, and our innovative and flexible approach ensures our customers partner with us for the long-term. Our mission is simple: to design and deliver high performance, integrated ERP solutions that enable our distributive trade customers to source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably and service competitively. For further information, please visit

Kerridge Commercial Systems

Todd Fogarty
Kekst CNC
+1 212 521 4854

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MAM Software

Blue Bell, PA and Hungerford, UK, September 3, 2019 – MAM Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ Capital Market: MAMS) (“MAM Software” or “MAM”), a leading global provider of on-premise and cloud-based business management solutions for the automotive parts, tire and vertical distribution industries, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement under which it will be acquired by Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), which provides software, services and support to deliver fully integrated trading and business management solutions to trade, wholesale, manufacturing and distribution customers across the world, in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $154.2 million. Under the terms of the agreement, MAM stockholders will receive $12.12 per share in cash for each common share of MAM, which represents a 14% premium over the closing price on August 30, 2019 and a 38% premium over the prior 90-day average of $8.80 per share.

“This all-cash transaction provides MAM Software’s stockholders with a premium over the pre-announcement market price of their shares, and we believe it will allow our team to increase our focus on long-term success that will benefit customers, employees and partners. Together with KCS, we can offer a broader portfolio of solutions to our customers globally,” said Mike Jamieson, MAM Software CEO.

“We have long believed that a partnership between MAM Software and KCS would create a range of significant strategic opportunities,” said Ian Bendelow, CEO of Kerridge Commercial Systems. “MAM has significant traction in the automotive aftermarket sector that augments our solution offering, and this combination also will expand our U.S. market presence. We look forward to joining with the MAM team as we invest further in the business to accelerate MAM Software’s growth and bring greater value to its customer base.”

Following an extensive review of strategic alternatives and a thorough process, MAM’s Board of Directors have unanimously approved the proposed transaction. Following the execution of the merger agreement, stockholders of MAM representing more than 50% of MAM’s outstanding shares delivered a written consent approving the transaction and no other approval of MAM’s Board of Directors or stockholders is required to complete the transaction. The transaction, which is expected to close in or prior to the fourth quarter of 2019, is subject to certain customary closing conditions. A copy of the definitive agreement will be made available at MAM’s website at

Mirus Capital Advisors and Sullivan & Worcester LLP are serving as MAM’s financial and legal advisors, respectively, for this transaction. Kirkland & Ellis LLP is serving as KCS's legal advisor.

About MAM Software Group, Inc.

MAM Software is a leading global provider of cloud-based business and on-premise management solutions for the auto parts, tire and vertical distribution industries. The company provides a portfolio of innovative software (SaaS and packaged), data (DaaS), and integration (iPaaS) services that enable businesses to intelligently manage core business processes, control costs and generate new profit opportunities. MAM's integrated platforms provide a wealth of rich functionality including: point-of-sale, inventory, purchasing, reporting, data and e-commerce. Wholesale, retail and installer business across North America, the U.K. and Ireland rely on MAM solutions, backed by dedicated teams of experienced service and support professionals. For further information, please visit

About Kerridge Commercial Systems

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) provides specialist software, services and support to deliver fully integrated trading and business management solutions to distributive trades customers, large and small – wherever they are in the world. With our heritage in distributive trades, our technical experts are thought leaders in trading and management technology, and our innovative and flexible approach ensures our customers partner with us for the long-term. Our mission is simple: to design and deliver high performance, integrated ERP solutions that enable our distributive trade customers to source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably and service competitively. For further information, please visit

Forward Looking Statements

This communication contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, that are based on beliefs and assumptions of MAM’s management and on information currently available to MAM’s management and that are intended to be covered by the “safe harbor” created by those sections. Forward-looking statements include information concerning MAM’s possible or assumed future results of operations, business strategies, financing plans, competitive position, industry environment, potential growth opportunities, potential market opportunities, the successful closing of this transaction, effects of the transaction, operations as a private company and the location of its headquarters and the effects of competition. Forward-looking statements consist of all statements that are not historical facts and can be identified by terms such as “accelerates,” “anticipates,” “believes,” “could,” “seeks,” “estimates,” “expects,” “intends,” “may,” “plans,” “potential,” “predicts,” “projects,” “should,” “will,” “would” or similar expressions and the negatives of those terms. Forward-looking statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements, as a result of various factors including, without limitation, (1) the occurrence of any event, change or other circumstance that could give rise to the termination of the merger agreement; (2) the possibility that the consummation of the proposed acquisition described in this communication does not occur or is delayed, either due to the failure of closing conditions or other reasons; (3) the risk that the proposed acquisition disrupts current plans and operations or increases operating costs and the potential difficulties in customer loss and employee retention as a result of the announcement and consummation of such acquisition; (4) the outcome of any legal proceedings that may be instituted against MAM, KCS or others following announcement of the merger agreement and transactions contemplated therein; and (5) those risks and uncertainties described in the Risk Factors and in Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations sections of MAM’s most recently filed Annual Report on Form 10-K and MAM’s subsequently filed Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q. MAM urges you to consider those risks and uncertainties in evaluating its forward-looking statements. Given these uncertainties, you should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. MAM does not undertake any obligation to update or revise publicly any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as may be required by law.

Additional Information and Where to Find It

In connection with the proposed merger, MAM intends to file relevant materials with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), including a preliminary information statement on Schedule 14C. Following the filing of the definitive information statement with the SEC, the Company will mail the definitive information statement to all MAM stockholders. You may obtain copies of all documents filed by MAM with the SEC regarding this transaction, free of charge, at the SEC’s website, or from MAM’s website at


MAM Software

Brian H. Callahan
Chief Financial Officer
610-336-9045 ext. 240

Kerridge Commercial Systems

Todd Fogarty
Kekst CNC
212 521 4854

Olympic Fixings

“Previously the only way we sold was through direct selling from the rep, so Vecta has facilitated a more multi-channel approach.”

Paul Gordon, Managing Director, Olympic Fixings

Vecta, the on-line sales analytics and CRM solution, has enabled Paul Gordon, managing director of Olympic Fixings, to spend more time managing and directing his business - rather than chasing data!

Read the full story.

Kalundu Trading

“Dealing with KCS was a pleasure. Their hands-on approach, their knowledge and critical understanding of how to migrate data into the cloud, ensured ease of transitioning. I would highly recommend working with them.”

Patrick Schärer, Managing Director, Kalundu Trading

Kalundu Trading is a long-standing client of KCS and approached KCS with a request for a hosted solution that could alleviate the risks and concerns associated with the maintenance, administration and monitoring of their on-premise ERP system. Due to the age of their hardware, the possibility of data-loss was becoming a risk which could result in system down time and loss of productivity, which would be costly to recover from.

KCS offered a hosted solution, K-Cloud, that drastically decreased the expenditure associated with non-hosted solutions, such as capital costs of hardware as well as payroll costs of IT staff members. K-Cloud provides a very secure offering with the ability to actively monitor processes and back-ups which was an important requirement in Kalundu Trading’s decision-making process.

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Beauty Zone

“The roll out of K8 Retailer was seamless, it did not feel like a go live. I believe that we can attribute this to the shared goals and a family approach between both companies. Based on the success of our go live in two of our stores, we will roll out K8 Retailer in our remaining branches.”

Ishrat Dastagir, Beauty Zone

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is pleased to announce that Beauty Zone has gone live with its first pilot of our latest ERP Retail solution ‘K8 Retailer’.

Ishrat Dastagir, IT Executive commented; “Beauty Zone came on board as the first pilot site for K8 Retailer as we required a solution that was capable of managing a complex multi-branch business. Due to our store locations and down time that we experience as a result of poor network infrastructure, the offline capability of the solution was a key determining factor”.

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iQ Retail is excited to announce that they have officially co-branded with Kerridge Commercial Systems.

Kerridge Commercial Systems, a leading provider of ERP solutions within the Distribution, Wholesale and Retail sectors, has acquired a number of businesses over the last few years as this has only enhanced their growth potential and has made available an even greater host of solutions for their customers. With that in mind, Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa acquired iQ Retail, a leading ERP and retail solution for small to medium sized businesses, in April 2017. They have taken a strategic approach to integrate the two businesses and to get to know each other. “Two years later, we are pleased to say that we have successfully integrated, and we are stronger than ever” said Des Nangle, Kerridge Commercial Systems SA MD. The co-brand has therefore been a strategic decision at the right time.

Kerridge Commercial Systems believes that co-branding will make iQ Retail an even stronger partner for their customers with more business solutions, a bigger global footprint and greater backing, enabling them to be of greater service to their customers. iQ Retail, A Kerridge Commercial Systems Company, have assured their customers that the co-brand does not involve any changes to their products and will not affect their customers apart from having a greater host of solutions available.

“We are excited about this new journey. Kerridge Commercial offers an exciting opportunity for iQ Retail to strengthen and expand its solution and service offering, both nationally and internationally. The synergies of products and staff will significantly enhance our opportunities to serve our business partners and customers, allowing them to benefit from a global footprint and a greater host of solutions”, said Michael Reyneke, Director of iQ Retail.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support. This is an exciting evolution for iQ Retail and Kerridge Commercial Systems.

Read the full story.

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a leading supplier of software to wholesalers, merchants and other distributive businesses, has acquired InspHire and Current-RMS. InspHire is a premium supplier of software to companies that rent out heavy plant and construction vehicles as well as other machinery and equipment. Current-RMS supplies cloud based, fully integrated rental management solutions to the AV, production and event industries.

Solutions provided by KCS are used by 15,000 companies worldwide and include fully integrated ERP systems comprising supply chain management, financial accounting, CRM, warehouse and transport management, eCommerce, ePOS and business intelligence. Both acquisitions will allow KCS to strengthen its presence in the hire industry and to offer additional functionality to its customer base. The InspHire and Current-RMS teams have welcomed the acquisitions, as KCS will be investing in the development of their products, as well as maintaining and supporting them in the future.

Ian Bendelow, CEO of KCS said, “The acquisitions of InspHire and Current-RMS deliver a great opportunity for us to strengthen our presence in the hire software market, as well as developing further global opportunities in this sector. They are both very high quality businesses with offerings that are complementary to our own. We’re looking forward to working with their employees and to welcoming them to the KCS family.”

InspHire and Current-RMS will operate as independent business units within KCS, under their existing management teams. Working alongside their KCS counterparts, they will be making operational improvements to benefit existing and future customers.

Nairobi, Kenya

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a specialist software provider, is proud to announce that they have officially opened an office in Nairobi, Kenya. KCS is focused on servicing the distributive and retail trades and have software solutions that allows businesses to streamline their processes and operations. These solutions are especially effective in helping businesses manage their stock.

The decision to open an office in Nairobi was made due to KCS already having a significant number of customers in Kenya. This strategic move will therefore further support their existing customer base and grow the business.

Des Nangle, Managing Director of Kerridge Commercial Systems, Africa, said “We are very excited about our investment in to Kenya. An ERP or a proper retail software solution is no longer optional for any SME or larger sized business. The world around us is constantly changing and competition is really tough. As a result, businesses need to maintain a competitive advantage by optimising processes and focusing on their customers. This is what is so great about our ERP and retail solutions; it is cost effective, quick to implement and can really change how a business operates, especially if it involves managing stock.”

KCS already has several Business Partners in Kenya and there are additional opportunities for other local businesses. This supports the Kenyan economy, via FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and will result in new jobs being created. This initiative further supports and compliments our objective of providing quality service to both existing and new customers.

Trevor Dorasamy will be heading up the new Kenyan office. Dorasamy said “I have been in this industry for many years working closely with customers, matching solutions to individual business needs, resulting in improved performance. I believe that strong relationships are key to successful business journeys and I look forward to that journey with our Kenyan customers.”

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inspHire Limited is pleased to announce its acquisition of the inspHire software business from its reseller Elev8 Australia Pty Ltd.

inspHire has provided its award-winning rental solutions through its local reseller for the last 12 years and now plans to service customers directly. It targets a number of core markets including heavy plant, construction vehicles, powered access equipment, oil and gas equipment, portable toilets, audio visual and medical equipment.

inspHire has been providing its software solutions to the rental industry for a number of years and operates in Europe, North America and Africa, supporting over 1200 companies in 30+ countries. It is part of Kerridge Commercial Systems Group, who provides software to 15,000 customers worldwide, offering end to end ERP solutions including rental, supply chain management, financial management, CRM, warehouse management, transport management, business intelligence and ePOS solutions for the distribution and manufacturing markets.

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Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is pleased to announce the acquisition of EDP, a company listed on The London Stock Exchange. EDP supplies sales analytics & CRM and ERP software, such as Vecta and Quantum, to merchants and other distributors. The K8 ERP solution, developed by KCS, is widely used in similar markets, where the company has over 40 years of experience and is a recognised thought leader in trading and management technology. Clearly the acquisition is a good fit for both businesses.

During the past eight years KCS has grown rapidly, both organically and through the acquisition of a number of businesses, to extend its geographical reach, add product capability and extend into adjacent vertical markets. The company now serves over 10,000 customers across Europe, South Africa and the United States.

By integrating the EDP business with KCS, all customers will be offered a more extensive product suite. KCS will also offer the Vecta CRM/BI product to its wider global customer base as a stand-alone product, as well as integrating it as a module within some of the KCS products. KCS will continue to service and support customers using EDP’s Quantum, Merchant, Charisma, Esprit and The Business Programme products. Over time, KCS will offer alternative products (such as its core K8 ERP system) to EDP customers, as potential longer-term solutions.

Commenting on the acquisition, Ian Bendelow, Chief Executive Officer of KCS said, “The acquisition of EDP is a great opportunity to accelerate our strategy. It brings us greater presence in the UK and an increased platform for growth in our traditional markets. EDP is a high quality business with customer offerings that are highly complementary to KCS. We welcome EDP employees to the group and look forward to working with them.”

Sir Michael Heller, Non-Executive Chairman of EDP said, “The EDP and KCS businesses have been good competitors for many years, addressing the needs of customers in the same vertical markets. Accordingly the EDP directors believe that KCS’ activities provide a strong fit with those of EDP and that KCS is an appropriate partner to continue the development of the EDP business. The additional resources that KCS will bring will mean that it is well positioned and resourced to support EDP and the future growth of the EDP business.”

Learn more about Vecta:

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Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200

We are delighted to announce that Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) has been ranked No. 37 in The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200, a league table that ranks the top 200 of Britain’s mid-market private companies in order of fastest growing overseas sales.

The league table is produced by Fast Track, the Oxford firm that researches and ranks Britain’s top performing private companies. When surveying the companies, Fast Track also found that the US is the most popular country for overseas sales, with 118 of the 200 companies citing it as a major market. It is also the top choice for future growth, with more than half the firms (107) planning to expand there.

Fast Track also believed the league table shows the resilience of Britain’s mid-market exporters. Despite the uncertainty created by the on-going Brexit negotiations, their combined international sales have grown by an average of 62% a year over the last two years to a total of £10.1bn, the highest growth rate measured in the survey since 2013.

The Sunday Times reported that it was another sign of confidence that 60 of the listed companies had chosen to acquire overseas businesses to help accelerate their growth – up from 46 last year. The six strategic acquisitions KCS made recently in Europe, the US and South Africa were obviously instrumental in our international sales reaching £24m in 2017.

The full league table was published as an eight-page supplement with the business section of The Sunday Times on 10 June, both in print and in the digital edition and on:

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Carrol Boyes

“With its user-friendly point of sale interface, we were able to implement the KCS Retail solution into all stores allowing for seamless in-store processes, with accurate live reporting back to head-office.”

Carrol Boyes

Carrol Boyes is the founder, creator and CEO of Carrol Boyes Retail (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town. Her high-end deftly crafted and coveted product range of upmarket home and lifestyle products is associated with inimitable and unique design that exudes style and finesse and are available throughout South Africa and in over 30 other countries around the world.

Establishing a strategic partnership with KCS in 2009, Carrol Boyes opted to implement the KCS Retail solution to her existing store base at the time, which comprised of a centralised head-office and 9 stores.

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Spec-Cast Wear Parts

“K8 offers all the functionality we need, accommodating our complex business processes. K8 offers a fully integrated non-modular ERP solution that will enable us to grow our business.”

Aimee Mason, Managing Director, Spec-Cast Wear Parts

Spec-Cast Wear Parts has nearly tripled in size since 2015, therefore they required a system that could better manage their operations and financials. K8 provides the support for further growth of the business with a system that will offer the controls and efficiencies required.

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Facts about online based learning

Online based learning (e-Learning) is fast becoming a thriving industry in educational technology, with the number of companies using online learning, increasing every day.

e-Learning is designed to solve the challenges of traditional classroom-based training – delivering quality product / service training courses over the internet, bringing the classroom to you, at a time that best suits you, whether you want to improve your knowledge, develop or enhance a skill set or help train new starters.

To find out more, read the full blog post.


January 2018 - Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a market-leading global provider of software solutions to the retail, wholesale, merchant and distribution markets, has reached an agreement to acquire AGP, based in Veghel, the Netherlands.

UK headquartered KCS already provides software to 14,000 customers worldwide, offering end to end ERP solutions including Supply Chain Management, Quote to Cash, Financial Management, CRM, Warehouse Management, Transport Management, Business Intelligence, ePOS and more, specifically for the wholesaler, distributor, retailer and merchant sectors. The acquisition supports the company’s strategy of continued growth and follows five other acquisitions during the last 24 months, including 2 in the USA, 2 in South Africa and 1 in the UK.

Like Kerridge Commercial Systems, AGP has been delivering wholesale ERP Solutions for more than 40 years, as well as solutions for hire, projects and the installation industry. The company’s suite of products makes them a leader in the Wholesale ERP market in the Netherlands.

AGP will continue to maintain and support its existing solutions, including Trade, Rent, Projects and Installware. In time they will introduce new benefits to their customers from the KCS portfolio such as advanced e-commerce and Cloud services, along with an optional upgrade path to the established suite of KCS services and products. To further support existing customers of its K8 ERP system, KCS will look at integrating some of the solutions from the AGP suite.

Ian Bendelow, KCS Group CEO, said, “As a key strategic acquisition in the Benelux, this further strengthens our presence on the European continent, and expands our service capabilities and product offerings. As we further our platform for growth, AGP affirms and aligns with our on-going business strategy of focusing on the needs of merchants, wholesalers, retailers and distributors.

Our customers will benefit from an even stronger Netherlands based team to support our customers’ needs.

The KCS Group will continue to build organically with its industry focused solutions and customer focused service, constantly attracting more customers and helping existing customers to succeed and grow. We will add further strategic acquisitions to enhance our geographical presence and capability for our growing customers.

Michiel Bakker, Director of Operations - KCS Benelux added: ‘Combining the two companies strengthens our offering of ERP Solutions and Cloud Services in the same verticals, allowing us to grow even further in the Benelux. The ERP solutions complement each other and they secure a place in the market from niche customers to large global enterprises.’

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Trading Depot

“Turnover has doubled in the seven months since K8 was implemented and, although I can’t put that all down to K8, there’s no way we could have managed the current level of business using the old system.”

Darren House, General Manager, Trading Depot

Trading Depot, the online trading sister company to Grant & Stone, offers more than 48,000 product lines to a loyal and growing customer base who maintain its ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, the online review community. The company supplies plumbing and electrical products, sanitaryware, flooring, PVC windows and doors, some heavyside materials such as paving and more than 30,000 tools.

“We’re seeing huge growth,” said Trading Depot General Manager Darren House. “While around 70% of our customers are homeowners, the remaining 30% are tradesmen who are happier shopping in an online environment today than they were 10 years ago. Although we don’t offer trade accounts, we offer a choice to builders who are looking for a keener price and are happy to wait a day or two for their delivery. We also offer a click and collect service from our warehouse. I like to think there’s a traditional merchant feel about the business as we offer great customer service including technical support over the phone at pre-purchase stage.”

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Solomons Fashion & Décor

“Selecting a new retail system has been a priority for a long time and after considering various options, we’re happy to be implementing the KCS retail solution in our stores.”

Estelle Nell, systems project manager, Solomons Fashion and Décor

Solomons Fashion and Décor is the ultimate fashion and décor destination, offering a range of top quality local and imported fashion & décor labels, which promise to brand your world for less. Solomons’ legacy has been around since the early 1890’s and has since grown into a multi branch retailer with 5 other multi brand stores located in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Estelle Nell, the systems project manager said “Due to Solomons’ growth, the need for a centralized head-office system became critical, as the stores were decentralized, making stock visibility and global reporting a huge challenge. A business of this size and nature needs to be able to manage stock effectively, have visibility of best performers and non-performers, and we need to be able to stock intelligently, based on the needs of our customers. Debtor’s management with revolving credit was a key requirement for us, as we have a base of loyal customers.”

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Cape Garden Centre

“We knew we had to make the transition and the perfect time arrived when we opened our newest branch in Somerset West, where we first implemented the KCS Retail solution.”

Christelle Smal, Retail Manager, Cape Garden Centre

Cape Garden Centre opened in 1996 and has evolved into the largest garden centre in the Western Cape. With 4 branches in Joostenbergvlakte, Stellenbosch , Somerset West and Vredendal, Cape Garden Centre carry a wide selection of plants, pots, pavers, water features, garden furniture and other garden décor for the whole family all year round. Cape Garden Centre did not have a sales and stock management system in place and with their growing business, the need for centralised control became more urgent.

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Rene Mariane

“I am very happy with the KCS Retail solution. It has given me the tools I needed to operate my business efficiently and has supported me in opening my Menlyn store within a few short months of implementing the system.”

Irena Staneva, Owner, Rene Mariane

Rene Mariane, an exclusive woman’s fashion label, chose to implement the KCS Retail solution as part of their plans to grow their business within the South African market.

The European based brand opened its first store in in Morningside Sandton in 2009. Irena Staneva, owner of Rene Mariane, contacted KCS for a solution, as she had plans to grow her business, but the current system she was using could not support her overall requirements. Irena commented “I need a system that will give me control over my stock, the ability to accept customer orders, lay byes, a loyalty programme, and good reporting.”

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Pet Masters

“We are very happy with the choice we made regarding KCS as we now have one supplier with the necessary skills and knowledge for both our retail stores and our payroll and that’s not very common. We look forward to a long-standing relationship far into the future.”

Roelof Coertse, Financial Director, Pet Masters

Pet Masters implemented the Kerridge CS (KCS) Retail solution in 2013 and have been happy with the system and level of service received ever since!

Pet Masters, the largest pet retailer in Southern Africa, are synonymous with the supply of a variety of top end pet products, expert advice, toys, and livestock. Their head-office with on premise bird park is based in Boksburg. Customers can enjoy a quick bite to eat at their Blue Crane Tea garden while admiring a wide variety of birds.

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Bearing Man Group

Kerridge Commercial Systems Testimonial Video

Bearing Man Group Video

We talked to Campbell Fuller from Bearing Man Group about the nature of their business and their IT partnership with Kerridge Commercial Systems South Africa.

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