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Offline Capability

Offline capability

No Down Time

We understand that you need to ensure trade can continue uninterrupted even if network connectivity goes down.

Our solution comes complete with offline capability enabling retailers to continue trading in the absence of internet connectivity. This powerful function is backed by an offline transaction tracking report that gives business owners visibility of all transactional activities during an offline period.

Rest assured that with offline trading capability across all your branches, you can keep your customers happy, while your sales and revenue continue to soar.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Continued trade during offline periods.

  • Continued customer service and customer experience.

  • Secure tracking of offline transactions.

  • Sustains sales and revenues.

  • Keeps data safe and updates on reconnection.

“The most important aspect of any system is the ability to continue trading when connectivity is lost. The off-line capability of the Kerridge CS Retail solution allows us to be confident that no data will be lost while connectivity is down. As soon as connectivity is restored, all transactions are filtered and available at head office.” - Carrol Boyes

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Bearing Man Group

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